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Bill Allison writes about History and Education from his Pennsylvania mountain home.

Bill wrote the historical fiction novels, Chase and The Apprentice, using meticulous research through the Internet and by roaming historical society archives, county courthouses, cities, towns, islands, and countryside. Bill brings the 1800s to life with dynamic characters and picturesque settings.

Bill has taught History and English and Special Education. Over a long career, Bill dedicated his work for social and educational change in an urban environment to correct past injustice. Rising through a city school system, he was named Principal of the Year for Philadelphia.

Returning to his roots, Bill now serves his local community, while writing books and articles and documentary film about Victorian times and bringing to life ambitious lawyers, struggling apprentices, escaped slaves, and a diverse host of 1800s people.

Explore the two historical novels on their www.billallisonsbook.com pages. Then, order your copies of Chase and The Apprentice by clicking on their Amazon addresses.

Retired educator pens novel

‘The Apprentice’ features modern-day themes

By CHRIS REBERCreber@tnonline.com

Author Bill Allison came up with the idea for his most recent book while learning about his grandfather’s experience as a young man who grew up in the coal region in the early century.

Along the way, he realized it would make a good read for young people who face some of the issues his grandfather did, albeit more than a century later.

“I thought, this would make a good young adult novel — it has a lot of diversity, and it set up conflicts, trying to please his master. So I built a story on that,” he said.